AMADEUS Careers Counselling Programme: How to Find the Right Pathway

An education at AMADEUS International School Vienna provides you with many future career opportunities. These may be in the fields of Medicine, Law, Music, Arts, Business, Entrepreneurship, IT, and many more. However, being blessed with many opportunities may also make it more challenging to choose the perfect career path for you. We understand this and place great emphasis on exploring all possibilities with our students so that we may accompany them in honing in on a target and taking their next steps successfully.

Grade 10 is a particularly critical year as students are confronted with many questions about their future:

  • In which area can I attain distinction?
  • Which IB Programme should I choose? 
  • Which subjects should I go with?
  • Where in the world would I like to study?
  • What do I want to do after school?

Choosing a degree and a university destination can be challenging, which is why we begin the Careers Counselling Programme at the beginning of Grade 10 with the careers and aptitude testing. This helps students to prepare and narrow down their focus well in advance of the university deadlines. Learn more about the tools and the process below.

Online tests guide students

At AMADEUS, we draw upon the career and aptitude assessment “InterQuest” by Step One.

This program also includes a huge online database listing career options from around the world. Students are given personal guidance as they complete the two testing sessions.

The testing consists of a timed, 90-minute psychometric assessment, which contains aptitude testing on different areas such as abstract reasoning, numerical reasoning, arithmetic calculation, spatial reasoning, and verbal reasoning. This is available in 14 different languages, enabling our students to choose the language they are most comfortable in.

The second part of the assessment is a careers-related questionnaire where students can take their time and think about their personal strengths and interests.

Individual interviews with a counsellor

The students then complete a follow up exploration into different career options. In individual interviews with the Careers counsellor, the students analyse their results, discuss various possibilities for their future endeavours and review subject choices for the upcoming two years.

Finally, our students continue their research using the online Step One platform, which is accessible to them for the next five years. Not only can they look up their results there, but they can also interact with a lot of information on different professions and career choices suitable for their individual strengths and interests.

The aim is to open the conversation, raise aspirations, and use these developed targets to motivate the best possible performance. Of course things can sometimes change along the way so it is important that we have regular check ins and opportunities for career related learning along the way.

The students find this approach to be very helpful in guiding them towards the next big steps in their lives:

“I feel a bit better and a little bit more relaxed because it showed me where my strong points are”

“All business-related jobs were a high percentage for me which was surprising as I have developed an interest in business only after the actual test”.

Finally, one student summarized the whole experience with the following words:

“It gave me a broader aspect on careers after the test was completed, there was an option to explore more which gave me a wider look on things which was very helpful to me”.

Overall, our grade 10 students had a great start in the careers programme and we wish them a lot of joy and success in their future!

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Alumni Series

students at graduation ceremony
Graduate holding certificate with school logo
Girl with graduation outfit
Sarah Bauernfeind

Sarah Bauernfeind

Coordinator of the 2021/21 Career Counselling Programme
Elke de Vries

Elke de Vries

Career Counsellor at AMADEUS

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