IB Results 2020: Well Above the World Average

We proudly present the highlights of this year’s IB results at AMADEUS Vienna.

School success is a team effort. It takes the sustained efforts of the students, their teachers, and their parents (and house parents for boarding students) in combination. We accompany young people as they fulfil their highest potential, and at this time of year, it is important that we resist the temptation to reduce ‘highest potential’ to ‘highest diploma points’. This is why we have our graduation celebration before the final results are awarded.

That said, we are as eager and competitive as anybody to see what rewards await when IB results day comes; especially in this unusual year without a final examination.

Therefore, it is with pride that we can announce that 22 of our students have been awarded an International Baccalaureate Diploma. Overall, our pass rate (91%) is well above the world average, as is our average point score (31).

16 out of 22 students were awarded the coveted Bilingual Diploma as having completed two Language A courses. This is a phenomenal achievement. Our students who took the IB courses route also performed strongly.

Moreover, it is worth highlighting our language acquisition performance (Language B and Language Ab Initio). The score for these students was exceptional, with a high percentage of them receiving the highest possible grade (7). With ‘language’ being one of our pillars of Educational Distinction, we are pleased to see this great area of strength.

Finally, we would like to publicly congratulate our school dux, Kristina (dux is a word used commonly in Australian, Scottish and New Zealand education meaning the top-performing academic student in the year). Kristina has achieved 40 points, placing her in the top 10% of all students worldwide.

The young men and women that have graduated from AMADEUS Vienna are incredible people with diverse strengths, passions and talents, and with incredibly bright futures. Come what may in their next 80 years, we are proud of them, and we believe in them.

We can enjoy these results at this moment, yet we know they will not be the final word. An education lasts a lifetime and this small, yet important step has opened doors for our graduates all over the world. We are now working with students, families and universities to secure the next steps in their journey; and we carry on our own path to ensuring we continue to build year on year.

With gratitude to everybody who contributed to this great set of IB results.

Would you like to know where the past years’ AV alumni are today? Visit our webpage with University Destinations and Alumni Stories here.

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