Av Alumni Update from the University of Stirling

At AMADEUS Vienna we believe it is important to stay in contact with our Alumni and follow their educational and career paths as they develop. This week, we share an update on one of our students who graduated last year:

Emma Franziska Langenreither graduated AV only last year in 2019 but has already come a long way. From the beginning, many of Franziska’s teachers knew she would go far, as she was always a helpful student and keen to learn. She excelled in her study of Languages and graduated with a bilingual Diploma. Her obvious talent and interest in the study of English Language and Literature compelled her to choose this as her major filed for her university studies.

University Life at UK’s Best Campus Environment

Franziska started her university journey at the well-known University of Stirling by choosing a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, with a focus on teaching. Throughout her studies at Stirling, Franziska realised that her passion lay in Linguistics and the formation and study of words. Therefore, she has been actively taking extra courses in these fields to better understand the field. It may be that she even pursues jobs such as a speech therapist or editor.

The University of Stirling is a public university in Scotland, founded by royal charter in 1967. Much like AV, it has an international focus. Stirling has partnerships with over 70 universities worldwide to bring together different ways of thinking. Its campus has a vibrant atmosphere – they were voted 1st in the UK and 5th in the World for campus environment (UK International Student Barometer (ISB) Benchmark and Global ISB Benchmark 2018). To find out more about The University of Stirling, click here.

IB in the real world

The International Baccalaureate (IB) really helped Franziska discover a lot of things during school, but at university, she reflects on how the IB also helped her at university:

“The IB helped me gain better perspectives and allows me to apply ‘out of the box’ thinking to my university studies. It also helped me experience open-mindedness towards my new classmates and colleagues. It makes you aware and prepared to meet new people and new challenges.”

The IB often has the reputation of being harder than the first year of university. Franziska confirms this theory, but she explains:

“Even though the course work was tough, it gives you a lot of options. When you do an IB DP you have the opportunity to study whatever you want as you have a background in everything. That means you are not ‘locked-in’ to any specific subject but can be flexible.”

In the future

At AV we are proud of all our alumni, and Franziska is no exception. We are excited to hear of her happiness and we know that she will do well and go far. Her colorful costumes on dress-up days and wonderful art creations are missed, and we wish her success in her studies.

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    Alumni Update from Emma Langenreither at the University of Stirling