AMADEUS Alumni Update from Sigmund Freud University

Emilia Basilides graduated AV in 2021 and has gone from strength to strength since she left. Emilia was our graduate speaker for her year and also the winner of the prestigious Delta Award during the 2021 Graduation ceremony. She was always an active member of the school community here at AV and it is fantastic to see her doing so well after graduation.

Emilia is currently studying a pre-Med course at Sigmund Freud University in Vienna, and in addition to this she is also studying to become a paramedic so that she can really hone her medical skills before she starts a full-time Medicine degree. Emilia is currently deciding between staying at Sigmund Freud University or transferring to Karl Landsteiner University in Krems, which provides quality medical degrees in English. We are lucky here in Vienna to have so many world-class medical universities and facilities.

Many of AMADEUS students have gone on to study at Sigmund Freud University, as it is conveniently located in central Vienna and also has an outstanding reputation and courses in English. You can find more information about the university here. Emilia had nothing but praise for the institution:

So far, I would highly recommend the university. Coming from AMADEUS, a rather small school – I really enjoy the university’s environment as it isn’t too big either. Not only helping students education-wise, they really focus on providing psychological support for each and everyone as well. Which I think is great, especially in these times. It is noticeable that each student is heard and seen which might not be so common at a bigger university. The professors are great, I really enjoy all of their lectures! I get the feeling that they really select their professors very carefully.

How the IB Helps

AMADEUS IB Diploma Programme strives to ensure that each student is prepared not only for university but also life beyond high school. Emilia described her experiences and how the IB Diploma helped her:

Yes! 100%. It definitely prepared me for the hard work and long hours of studying. I have the feeling that I might be ahead of some of my colleagues in that regard as I built up a completely different work ethic due to the IB Diploma. I noticed that it might have helped me in the sense of speaking up, engaging in a conversation. Not being afraid of speaking in front of a bigger and unknown audience. The pre-med course has really long hours. I usually start my day at 7:00. I am at the university at 8:30 and leave at around 18:30. As I’ve been through a lot of “sitting” and studying due to the IB, I am very used to it and don’t mind it too much.


A question we love to ask our students once they have grown up and left us is, what is the thing you miss most from your time at AMADEUS? For Emilia this was an easy question to answer:

The teachers!! The campus!! It was such a privilege to study in such a beautiful and calm environment and be taught by these awesome and qualified teachers. I am not sure whether I should say this but I especially miss Mr.Perry and Mr.Roby. Their lectures were always extremely thought out, however, they weren’t scared to go on a tangent and go into a completely different direction because of the students’ interest. I guess, it’s more a feeling that I miss if I think about it. It makes me sad and happy at the same time! I can just hope that I will have the chance to meet as equally enthusiastic and qualified teachers in my future studies!

We wish Emilia all the best with her studies and pursuits. We might one day welcome back Dr. Basilides to AMADEUS.

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