Congratulations to the class of 2020-21!

CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 2020-21 who graduated last Friday, 21 May 2021.

After a week of rain, the sky cleared up and contributed to a perfect outdoor ceremony for the students and their closest family and friends. It was a truly memorable and emotional day with motivating speeches as well as beautiful performances by AMADEUS’ music students.

“You are no longer students but graduates – and part of the global AMADEUS alumni network. Congratulations!” – Ms Elke De Vries, Graduation Ceremony Coordinator & Careers Counsellor

“Grade 12, it has been a pleasure to be your homeroom teacher since joining AMADEUS. I wish you the very best, and remember to stay curious! Best wishes for your future endeavors.” – Jak Cooper, DP Homeroom Teacher

“Congratulations, graduates! When you look back at your time at AV, I hope you look back with pride, with a smile, and with fond memories. I for one am proud to have accompanied you during this final year of your high school career!” – Ben Versteegt, DP Homeroom Teacher

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Finally, a special congratulations to the following graduates: Glenda, who received the Delta Award for Academic Distinction, as well as Angela and Emilia, who each received a Lotus award for contributing to the school ethos. Well done!

We wish all of you the best of luck!

Commencement Speech by Dr Jeremy House, Head of School

At the ceremony, Dr Jeremy House gave his advice to the young graduates:

“Class of 2021, you leave AMADEUS today educated, with a heart for humanity and a mindset of distinction. So let me leave you with some parting tenants of a philosophy-of-man which may seed in you the resolve for actualisation of your highest potential.

Is the world fair? No, graduates. The world is not fair, but do not let that slow you down.

Is the world then unfair? No graduates. The world is not unfair either, never indulge self-pity.

Is the world a dangerous place? No. Let us agree on this; the world is more beautiful than it is dangerous; and even more beautiful with you in it.

Could you be better than you are? Yes! And, I will be.

What am I to do in this life? (…)”

Find Dr House’s full speech on YouTube.

Pictures by: Shin Kim & Anna Weingant