AMAA Trip to Eisenstadt

Last Friday, our AMAA (AMADEUS Music and Arts Academy) students and staff went to Eisenstadt to visit Schloss Esterházy – one of the most beautiful baroque palaces in Austria.

On the tour, the young and curious AV artists learned a lot about history, music, architecture, and arts. The palace was built in the late 13th century and was, among other things, the place of residence for the noble Hungarian Esterházy family for three centuries.
Today, the palace has become a popular tourist attraction and is used for festivities and social events. It is well-known for its beautiful Haydnsaal, named after Joseph Haydn (1732-1809), an Austrian composer who was famous for his Chamber Music. Haydn had a more privileged life than many composers of his time because he had a patron. This is very evident in his music which is always very lively, happy, and celebrated. This hall was one of the highlights of the tour and was something that the students were particularly amazed by.

The trip also included a beautiful walk through the town where we passed by the residence of Haydn, and the lunch was enjoyed outside in the wonderful sunny weather and fantastic surroundings.

The trip to Eisenstadt was very inspiring, and it was also a perfect occasion for the students to get to know each other across grades – whilst wearing nose and mouth masks, of course! :-)

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