Learning How To Present Yourself

At AV, we aim to develop well-rounded, happy and confident learners. To us, “well-rounded” means having acquired transferable 21st-century skills giving one physical, emotional, and social balance and grounding. Our ASA (Additional School Activities) programme enables our students to explore different avenues that make them more skilled for their future. In December, one of our AV parents, Mr Corcoran, volunteered to give the ASA students a workshop on how to present yourself professionally in front of an audience.

Students from our Model United Nations (MUN), Public Speaking, and Kiwanis Key Club ASAs attended the event held in December. The participants learned how voice, vowels, and intonation can positively affect the message of your speech. They engaged in several different activities and got to practice their speaking skills in a safe environment. As an example, the students learned how to say their own name in a more “meaningful” way. Moreover, the workshop demonstrated how seemingly small changes in your way of speaking can have a huge impact on the message and your audience.

Thank you to Mr Corcoran and to the participants. We are grateful to have such devoted parents who are willing to dedicate some of their time to enrich our learning.

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