Expanding: New Renovation Project on Campus

AMADEUS Vienna has started a major renovation project in partnership with the project development company Vermehrt AG. The news about the “historically significant property” and its surroundings have been covered by OTS, Kurier and Meinbezirk with articles published on the 13 and 14 January 2020.

The renovation project will result in a completely new boarding house which will accommodate all of our boarding students. However, not only the students at AV will gain from the development and new ownership; so will the local citizens as the 19,228 square meters park remains open to the public.

The articles cover an interview with two project developers, Florian Polak and Gregor Beilein, who explain:

With this project, we have not only acquired a historically significant property, but we also took over the responsibility for the well-known local recreation area in Währing and as well as the sustainable further development of the school building of the AMADEUS International school” (…) Our goal is to turn the well-known Semmelweis area with its open park and its existing objects into an attractive educational campus in close cooperation with the district and the city of Vienna. We want to achieve this with the greatest possible transparency and taking into consideration the citizens of Währing as well as the historical building stock“. (Translated from German to English)

More than just a place

In addition to the press, our Head of school, Jeremy G House, also comments on the project with excitement. He explains how the location and development of our campus is closely linked to AMADEUS Vienna’s high ambitions and mission:

Our singular and overriding aim is to deliver an ‘education of distinction’ to our young people as they go on to become leaders and global citizens in this world. We have a long-term vision for the school on the Semmelweiß campus and we plan to develop our facilities to be able to offer this opportunity to even more students from around the world with a new premium boarding house. Indeed, we see the Semmelweis campus as more than just a place, we see it as part of the education we offer.

With the incredible biodiversity living in the parkland, and the historical reminders of Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis and Kaiser Franz Joseph I. on the grounds, it is the perfect setting for achievement of our mission.

We also have the goal of continuing to develop our world-class music and arts facilities and our capacity to host high-level musical concerts and festivals open to the public. We want to give something back to the community as well.

We are expecting a number of very exciting developments to the current infrastructure of the school which. AMADEUS Vienna will become the ‘jewel in the crown of international education in Austria’.

We have had a number of early discussions with Vermehrt and we have established a trusting basis for moving forward positively together.

We are excited and we look forward to give our boarding students new premium boarding facilities, expectedly in 2021.

Scroll through the pictures to the right to see the artist impression of the new rooms and to see the full articles (in German).

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