A Special Thanks and Happy Holidays

Today is the last day before the winter break and we are giving out a special thanks to our students.

At AMADEUS Vienna (AV), we have a lot of students who give a little extra to help others. Whether it being help at school events, support in learning activities or volounteering at after-school activities inside and outside school, you can always count on our students.

Therefore, we decided to do a roll-call at our assembly for the Secondary students today, to give a special thanks to all of those who did something extra. As the picture indicates, many of our students deserve special recognition!

Tasks that our students have helped with during this term:
  • Contributing to the school’s development, i.e. Uniform sale, student council, MUN and red box project
  • Creating a peer mediation structure at AV
  • Working a weekend at Vinzirast, cooking, cleaning and serving dinner for people in need
  • Organising the letter writing marathon for Amnesty International
  • Running our Key Club
  • Organising a Babysitting roster
  • Organising the AV Yearbook
  • Helping as a Service as Action assistant
  • Helping as a student librarian
  • Teaching primary students ASA for art
  • Doing Music Production CoCurricular
  • Doing ASA (After School Acitivities) survey for student council
  • Making a gratitude project
  • Teaching our German C students
  • Helping out at AMAA events
  • Engagement in key club and anti-pollution club
  • Performing at the Winter Wonderland event
  • Creating an AV Vienna Guide in English, Russian and Chinese
  • Working with AV Action
  • Teaching basic first aid to primary students
  • Taking part in the Amnesty International Write for Rights Campaign

Of course, it goes without saying that every student at AV contributes to making a difference, and we are also grateful for our supportive Primary Students!

We would like to wish everyone a safe, positive and kind holiday season – and remember Mrs Karen Ball’s advice: Do something nice for somebody else.

Happy Holidays and all the best,