Parents Volunteering as Guest Speakers at AV

Last week we had the pleasure of having two inspiring AV parents sharing their knowledge at AMADEUS Vienna.

Epigenetic lecture with Mrs Larschan

Thursday the 6th of February, Mrs Erica Larschan was a guest speaker at Grade 11’s Biology class. Mrs Erica is an Associate Professor at the Department of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Biochemistry at Brown University.

The lecture covered a very interesting aspect of epigenetic: the regulation of genes located in the X chromosome in males. Epigenetic was added to the DP Biology syllabus in 2016, and is a cutting edge topic. Students were prepared for this lecture both by studying Molecular Biology in school, and by attending a school trip with their DP Biology teacher to the Vienna Open Lab. Here they performed techniques such as PCR, DNA isolation or Gel electrophoresis. these are techniques that our lecturer herself practices in her lab and needs for her research.

Tips from Entreprenuer Mr Nicolaisen

The following day, Friday the 7th of February, we were fortunate to have Norwex founder and chairman Bjørn Nicolaisen here. Mr Nicolaisen visited the Entrepreneurship Co-curricular class for our Grade 6-8 students.

Norwex is a company that prides itself on its “cleaning without chemicals” approach. Among other things, Mr Nicolaisen taught our class about the company’s business values; integrity, trust and sustainability. We thank him for sharing his time to talk about his successful company, now 25 years strong and with global locations.

Read also the story from December where AV parent and guest speaker Mr Corcoran gave a workshop on how to present yourself.

At AV we are thankful to have engaged parents who contribute with new knowledge and professional know-how. This is truly a great inspiration to students and teachers alike.

  • Guest Speaker Mrs Larschan

  • Guest Speaker Mrs Larschan

  • Guest Speaker Mrs Larschan