AVCA’s New Executive Board

On 4 October 2019, the AV Community Association (AVCA) elected its new Executive Board at its Annual General Assembly.

The AV community is pleased to welcome Catherine Tezcan as President, Kyra Busby as Vice President, Lenna Huo as Treasurer, and Irina Kornienkova as Secretary.

The meeting was very productive with many fruitful exchanges of ideas and sharing of news. One exciting announcement made was about the upcoming Book Fundraising for our Library. For this project, the school has committed to match euro for euro in all contributions made by parents. Moreover, AV students are busy making an impact in our local community. For example, they have organised a second-hand uniform sales and a possible babysitting service for primary families.

AMADEUS Vienna would like to congratulate AVCA’s new Executive Board and to thank the AV Community.

AV parents or Guardians who have not yet registered to join AVCA can do so by filling out the AVCA Membership form. You can read more and download the form from our website here.

(Pictured from left to right:  Lenna Huo, Catherine Tezcan, Irina Kornienkova, and Kyra Busby).

AVCA Executive Board