AV Talent show

Monday 21 October, guests of SOCIETY and the Russian Cultural Institute had the pleasure to enjoy an AV Talent Show.

This week started off with a night of cultural and musical enjoyment. AMADEUS currently hosts a photo exhibition which highlights the relationship between Russia and Austria. As a result, some of our talented students were performing musical snippets for the guests. The performances included various instruments, for example the special harp and the very rare harpsichord.

At AMADEUS we offer the opportunity to join our tailored music and arts programme, driven by the AMADEUS Music and Arts Academy (AMAA). The programme is for everyone, as we offer three levels of instruction: Beginner, Advanced and Professional. To read more about our instrument collection or the music opportunities, please visit AMADEUS Music and Arts Academy.

AMADEUS Vienna are thankful for the collaboration with the SOCIETY and The Russian Cultural Institute who are the organisers of the photo exhibition. Moreover, we would like to thank our performing students and AMAA ambassadors: Ada Ergin, Samuel Ornulad, Olga Sarakanidi, Daisy Zhong, Shoki Kawasaki, Alikhan Mashkeyev, Adrian Top, Nikola Djoric and Brendan Goh.

The exhibition is displayed in House 3 where students at AMADEUS Vienna can enjoy and learn about the Austrian-Russian relationship.