Students complete Intensive English Programme

Congratulations to those of our students who recently completed our intensive English Programme, EAL.

Moving to a new country and a new school where you don’t understand the language of instruction can be frightening. However, when there are measures in place to support these students, it makes the process easier for them. Therefore, AMADEUS Primary has an English as an Additional Language (EAL) Department, which provides support for students who join our community with little or no English. The EAL programme enables them to feel comfortable while learning the language in an efficient and fun way. 

On the 8th of October 2019, 3 students completed the intensive EAL Programme. For a period of 6 weeks, the students spent 4 hours each day with their teachers Ms Reiner and Ms Schleser. As a result, students from Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 5, made a great improvement in using the English language in and outside the classroom. For example, they embarked on trips to parks, supermarkets and the Zoo where the English vocabulary was expanded while having fun and being active. On the last day of the course, they organised a breakfast event to celebrate their accomplishment.  

At AMADEUS Vienna we understand that learning a new language is not easy. Therefore, we would like to congratulate them for their hard work and celebrate their achievement.

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  • EAL students on tour

  • EAL students in the zoo