MAK: Where Art and Design Meet the Future

In September, our AV boarding students attended several design and art exhibitions based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and sustainable engineering at the MAK Vienna (Museum of Applied Arts).

After the visit, they took part in a creative workshop and used recycled paper to create original posters.

The AI exhibition, ‘Uncanny Values’, rose especial interest among our boarders. They were guided into installations in various media by international artists and designers and explored current applications of AI. As students interacted with AI, we discussed its potential and limitations and what it means to be human.

We also visited the exhibition ‘From Mass Consumption to a Sustainable Quality Society’ which exhibited different sustainable innovative projects related to mobility, energy, food, and a circular economy: a car, a fridge, a solar roof, and a public charging station for electric vehicles.

On Saturday morning, our students were fully engaged in the appreciation of art work, engineering projects, and IA applications. This experience deepened their curiosity and encouraged them to reflect on their humanity and on creative solutions for the upcoming future.

– Maribel Castillo, AV Girls Boarding Parent

  • Uncanny Values Exhibition, MAK

  • AV Boarding students interacting with IA

  • Creating posters with recycled paper