Lifting Our Voices Together

At AMADEUS Vienna we love supporting creative endeavors, even when they are not our own projects. With that in mind, our community came together to host 56 students who were visiting Vienna as a part of the Australian Girls Choir tour. During their time in Vienna, the girls and their management team conducted workshops for our primary and secondary students, followed by a performance for the whole school community.

The workshops had the whole school dancing and singing together for the entire day. Music brings joy to everyone it touches. Thank you so much Australian Girls Choir for sharing your talent and joy with us!

“The Australian Girls Choir (AGC) has been providing high quality Performing Arts education and wonderful performance opportunities to many thousands of girls from across the country for more than 30 years. The AGC was established in 1984 by Judith Curphey OAM, with 150 girls rehearsing in four classes in the Melbourne suburb of Burwood and Judith as the sole tutor. The appeal of our unique approach to combining dance with choral music meant that it was not long before chapters of the organisation opened in other cities around Australia. Today we are proud to have 5500 girls learning to sing, dance and perform in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.” LEARN MORE