Grade 6 Secondary Transition Days

On August 30th and 31st the Grade 6 students were taken off their regular timetable to be given workshops by the different areas in Secondary.

These Induction Days are part of a new programme to help the transition from Primary to Secondary school. They were also given iPADS and have started to learn how to use the apps they will need in order to do their school work.

We wish Grade 6 all the best in their upcoming year in Secondary, we are looking forward to seeing all the great things you accomplish!

Some of the workshops they received during the Induction Days were:

– Important parts of the MYP (global contexts, concepts, learner profiles etc.)

– How to source their work using

– Thinking skills using image analysis

– Risk taking in the Arts

– Team work and collaboration, resilience, communication

– Balance between introverts & extroverts

– Time and stress management strategies

– Language learning skills

On their IPADS they learned how to:

– Log onto and explore Managebac

– Set up their google drives with folders for each subject

– Create a google doc, made it into a pdf, and upload it to managebac