Lucia Popp on AMADEUS Campus

AMADEUS Vienna recently was honored to be chosen as the location for a commemorative bust of Slovakian opera legend Lucia Popp. Popp was born in 1939 in Slovakia where she initially studied drama. However, her career path changed when she made her debut at 23 as the Queen of the Night in Mozart’s The Magic Flute. In 1963 Popp was invited to join the Vienna State Opera where she continued to perform for the duration of her career. 

Flowers were planted in the AV Garden of Peace in the name of Dr. Alena Heribanova and Dr. Adrian Hollaender to honor them for their contribution in choosing AV as the residential place for the Lucia Popp bust. Dr. Heribanova is the director to the Slovakian institute in Vienna and Dr. Hollaender is a stage director and author for the opera and concert manager.

The bust was created by Slovakian artist Juraj Čutek.