Student Council Discussing School Mission and Character

The Secondary Student Council met with the school leadership last Friday to discuss the school’s mission, vision and values.

During the meeting with Mr House, Head of School, the students discussed the values of our school and engaged in a thought experiment. Their task was to personify our school and brainstorm the characteristics of AMADEUS Vienna.

In conclusion, the students describe AMADEUS Vienna as someone who is open-minded, international and sees the world. They are a person who is passionate, creative and is connected to both the arts and music. They are not afraid of challenges, and a good communicator who welcomes new people into their life.

If AMADEUS Vienna were a person, they would be friendly, caring, balanced, unique and colourful. 

It is these attributes that make our school the warm and happy place that it is, and our Student Council team, who all demonstrate these qualities, is eager to take the school to the next level.

Student Council meeting with Head of School