A New Home for Boarding Students – and Kestrels!

Apparently, Pavilion 2 is not only the future home for our boarding students. During the renovation, we discovered that a Kestrel (in German: Turmfalke) family has decided to settle down and turn the roof into their own bird mansion. Suddenly, Vermehrt’s job was not only to build a home for our students but also for wild animals.

The kestrel is a falcon species which is harmless to humans, so in order to give the birds a new home on our campus, we contacted MA 22 for professional instructions. As kestrels do not make their own nests, the solution was to put up special nests that have the right conditions. Luckily, the kestrel is very adaptable in terms of habitat. For now, the birds will have a couple of months to get used to the new settings as the kestrels typically reside in Austria from March to August and then migrate south.

We are very happy that the birds appreciate our green campus and parks, and we hope that they will like their new home on the roof of our school buildings. However, the new residents will have to share our beautiful parks with a great number of squirrels – and sometimes even a fox and a badger or two!

If you are interested in getting to know our new neighbours better, you can read more about the Kestrel on the Donau-Auen Nationalpark website.

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