AV Community Association Raises Money for Library

When our students return from a period with online learning, they can look forward to new fresh books in our libraries!

In the last week of February, our AV Community Association (AVCA) was running a Library Fundraising.

Research suggests that the experience of discovering books of interest in a library is one of the most effective ways for making students want to read much more than getting a new book at home. Therefore, the aim of the fundraising was to expand our library book collection.

The fundraising included various fun activities such as a creative bake sale, a crazy hair day and parent-student interviews about books.

And the Winners Are….

AVCA has now announced the results of the Library Fundraiser, and we are very proud of the outcome. After matching by our Board of Trustees, the AV Community has raised € 15,546.64!  The vast majority of this money will be used to purchase new books for the Primary and Secondary AV libraries.

The fundraising also included internal competitions between the classes. It was a tight race but our primary classes ended up running with the victories:

  • Grade 1 for having the highest average donation per student
  • Grade 3 for having the highest participation rate
  • Grade 5 for donating the highest amount overall as a class

We would like to congratulate the students from our winning classes who will be receiving class gifts from AVCA and a no uniform day when school opens again.

Additionally, we would like to thank the whole AV community for their outstanding participation in the fundraiser, and AVCA for their hard work with organising and running the fundraising.

This event is just another great reminder that together we shine.

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