AV Alumni Update from Berklee College of Music

At AMADEUS Vienna we believe it is important to stay in contact with our Alumni and follow their educational and career paths as they develop. This week, we share an update on one of our students who graduated in 2017:

David Wan was one of AV’s best pianists when he graduated in 2017. He always had a clear goal of composing and producing his own music. To achieve this goal he decided to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston, America.

Berklee is a wonderful place for young musicians to study as it is one of the world’s largest independent college of contemporary music. A wonderful place for any musician to start their journey. Berklee and AV has a special connection. Lecturers visit regularly, and many AV alumni receive scholarships and places of study at Berklee.

An impressive repertoire and unending enthusiasm

David thoroughly enjoys his time at Berklee. He has been experimenting with writing his own music and joining other groups. He was part of the formation of Genre Transcendence Movement in February 2019 and was also asked to join the fusion Jazz group founded by an honorary Jazz trumpeter and scholarship recipient at Berklee.

David was always a pleasure to have in class, and we remember him for his unending enthusiasm and upbeat attitude. He was always the first person to volunteer, whether it was for a concert, recital or learning the Waltz for the AV graduation Ball. He is a wonderful student who despite being nearly blind, never let his handicap get in the way of making beautiful music.

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