AV online: Wiener Bezirksblatt sharing article about AV’s new online learning programme

On 22 April 2020, Wiener Bezirksblatt shared an article about the virtual Classroom of AMADEUS International School Vienna.

In the article, you can read about how AMADEUS Vienna has adapted to the lockdown and developed new online learning programmes to maintain a high academic level. This includes new timetables with fewer switches between subjects, daily feedback from teachers, social contact with co-students, as well as technical support to students and parents.

The article is no more online at the site of Bezirksblatt, but you can still read Das Virtuelle Klassenzimmer der AMADEUS International School Vienna at Unique relations.

You can also read more about our online learning programmes in the AV stories Learning about learning online and Safeguarding high-performance in Grade 11: How to ensure student success through COVID-19 school closure.

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