AV Alumni Update from York University

At AMADEUS Vienna we believe it is important to stay in contact with our Alumni and follow their educational and career paths as they develop. This week, we share an update on one of our students who graduated in 2018:

Parham Badiee is an AV graduate from 2018 who is currently studying at York University, in Toronto, Canada.  York University is one of Canada’s largest universities with a community of approximately 53,000 students. It is a very international university in the heart of one of Canada’s most important cities. A great place to study for any student.

Parham is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts majoring in the Humanities with his sights set on continuing with Law for his post-graduate degree. He is a keen student and this is shown through his two years of successful study at York University already.

Parham is having fun in Canada and enjoys to explore the city of Toronto. He has been part of a soccer team and had lots of interesting part time jobs. Now he is applying for an internship in Toronto to further his experience. Universities can also be very helpful in setting these up.

Invaluable skills and study habits from AV

During his studies at AV, Parham was a diligent student who made sure that he always handed his work in on time and tried his best through the rigorous IB assessment. This hard work paid off in his acceptance to York University and also the way in which the IB Diploma helped him get ahead when studying. This is especially in regards to the essay writing skills he gained in all of his classes, the academic honesty lessons that were provided and also referencing.

“These skills are invaluable at university and you have such a head start when you go through the IB, you do not even have to worry about it”, he explains. The IB also tries to instill good study habits to make sure students are prepared for the tough working environment of university, as Parham says “study habits are hard to build, but easy to break”. That is why he was thankful to the IB DP for showing him how to study effectively and for a purpose.

Parham is a much-missed AV Alumni, he was a bright and bubbly addition to our graduating class in 2018 and someone who we know will go far. He was an enthusiastic student who was always ready with an answer in class or a joke in the halls. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours and hope to see him back at AV one day soon.

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