AMADEUS Alumna Receives Global Scholarship

Congratulations to AMADEUS alumna Dana Goh, who has received the Vice-Chancellor Global Scholarship of Newcastle University.

Dana joined AMADEUS Vienna when she was 12 years old, and graduated earlier in 2019. During her time with us she developed her proficiency as a violist at AMAA (Amadeus Music and Arts Academy), where she studied with the professional artist Nora Romanov Schwarzberg.

At the same time, Dana’s interest and skills in visual arts evolved. She developed her talent by studying and receiving Masterclasses from the international renowed artists Damir May and Michael Fuchs.

Moreover, she found it important to combine her creative talent with a good academic background. Therefore, she studied languages, sciences and business which prepared her for university. After graduating at AMADEUS Vienna, she continued her journey to Newcastle University, which is one of UK’s top fine arts universities.

Dana explains about the scholarship and what AMADEUS meant to her:

Annually, the Vice Chancellor global scholarship is given to 5 students with a minimum of AAB at A level or equivalent and show evidence of commitment to their studies.

My interests in Fine Art has always been apparent, but being an AMAA student enhanced that passion. Being in an academy that consists of music, visual arts and dance, I was able to show that I was in an environment surrounded by Arts. 

I studied Physics, Math, English, German, Business and Arts for IB. This gave me a very broad perspective on languages, sciences and business, on top of Arts. 

I am proud to be an alumna of AV!”

Likewise, AMADEUS Vienna would like to express their pride and a huge congratulations with the accomplishment.

Alumna Dana Goh, alumna of AMADEUS international School received the Global Scholarship of Newcastle University