Saving Trees With Early Years

Our Early Years Students are currently very determined to save trees. We found out that 1000 kilos of recycled paper saves 17 trees. We already had a look around our playground to see what a difference 17 trees make. You guessed it: A very big difference!

Therefore, the Early Years team would like to collect as much recycling paper as possible. This November, there will be a collection point in the entrance hall. Alternatively, you could swing by and personally deliver your goods to our busy ‘Treesavers’. By the end of the month we will weigh it and see if that helps us find out how many trees we saved. With the help of the class parents who have cars, we will personally bring it to the paper recycling and celebrate ourselves.

If you would like to help, please bring us all the paper you do not need anymore (newspapers, magazines, print outs,…). There is a collection box in the Entrance Hall at AMADEUS Vienna.