AV Runners at Sportfreunde Charity Run (Marswiese)

Not even the pouring rain could dampen the spirits at last Saturday’s Sportfreunde Charity Run at Marswiese! Parents, students and staff from AV attended the event to either volunteer, take part or cheer on all the runners.

This was the first-ever Sportfruende run at Marswiese with the main goal being to raise awareness and funds to support children in need. We were so happy to see so many members of the Amadeus community able to support Sportfreunde and be there to support this great cause. Very well done to Ms. Karen Ball who completed 15kms in the adult race, and to Hameed Alamri (Grade 6) who took 3rd place in his race! A massive thank you to all students, staff and parents who attended. We hope to have an even bigger group running next year! Also a huge thank you to the group of DP students who went along and volunteered to work at the event. Your help was very much appreciated! We look forward to another great Sportfreunde Charity Run in 2020!