AV Alumni Update: Bachelor of Arts at University of Vienna

At AMADEUS Vienna we believe it is important to stay in contact with our Alumni and follow their educational and career paths as they develop. This week, we share an update on one of our students who graduated in 2018:

Carla Franchetti graduated from AV in 2018 and is currently studying for a Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of Vienna. Her majors are Korean Language, Politics, Culture, History, and Philosophy.

As Carla graduated with a bilingual diploma, mastering and learning new languages is nothing new for her. She explains that the Philosophy course is just an extension of what she learned in ToK (Theory of Knowledge), so it has been an exciting challenge.

After spending a Gap Year in Thailand working at an international school helping young students with learning disabilities, Carla was ready to come back and take on the next challenge of studying in Vienna.

IB DP: The best preparation I could have asked for

Although she admits the course can be quite demanding, she says the IB was the best preparation that she could have asked for. She explains that there are a lot of students at university who do not know how to give presentations, structure essays or organise their study habits. These essential study skills are what the IB fosters through their IB DP and makes independent, university ready students. 

Although she misses the 1-1 teaching from her time at AV, she is happy to meet new people and explore the student culture of Vienna. Vienna, she says, is a great place to study as there are a lot of services and resources available for students. Also, student life is quite affordable in Vienna, which is a bonus. 

When asked what advise she would give to our current Grade 12s, Carla advises them to remain flexible; “University can throw a lot of different things at you and it is important to stay flexible, especially when it comes to subject and course selection“.

We remember Carla for her bright and bubbly personality, which has not diminished since she left AV. We wish her all the best with her new experiences.

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