IB 50th Anniversary Conference

In 1968 the International Baccalaureate was founded, paving the way for groundbreaking developments in international education. This weekend, the IBO 50th Anniversary Conference was held in Vienna to celebrate 50 years of a worldwide community with a shared vision to foster open minds for all primary and secondary students.

Representing AMADEUS at the conference were 15 teachers and 50 students. AMADEUS students gave a brilliant performance including traditional Arabic and Austrian works and a contemporary Mackelmore piece. There were many special moments, such as when Ms. Campanale got the entire audience of 2,000 people to join in the song by clapping along with the choir. Also, a big congratulations goes to Wiktoria and Mikael for their rapping.

AMADEUS students Dana Goh & Galina Bovykina represented the fine arts side of AMAA with their collaborative work “Me, We, AV” which was on display for the weekend at the conference.

Out of the AMADEUS staff in attendance, Samuel Wright and Sterling Perry represented the school by presenting during the conference. It was an incredibly enriching weekend for everyone.

A huge thank you to Ms. Campanale, Ms. Kubitschek, Mr. Wright, and Mr. and Mrs. May for preparing and supporting our students doing this momentous opportunity.

For more information about the IB and what it has accomplished in the last 50 years, go here.