AMADEUS Vienna Gala 2019

This years’ annual AMADEUS Gala took place in the historical Brahms Saal of the Wiener Musikverein

Guests enjoyed an innovative programme designed and produced by the AV students and staff under the direction of Karen Goh, the Board Appointed Director of AMAA.

“Dr Ignaz Semmelweis: The Muse in the AV Hallways” is an original production and featured the highlights of the AMADEUS Vienna campus and cultural heritage. The storyline follows the spirit of Dr Ignaz Semmelweis, the well-known 19th century Hungarian physician, has a tale to tell as he returns to the lush grounds of renowned clinic named in his honour in the 18th district of Vienna.

To his surprise, he discovers that AMADEUS International School has occupied part of the premises and he sets forth on a journey to learn more about his new neighbours. Dr Ignaz Semmelweis pursues the hallways of his favourite haunt and muses over the splendour of the music, art, and dance he experiences in the contemporary home of artistic scholars.

Our heartfelt thanks to the staff and teachers of AMADEUS International School Vienna. Their energy and spirit brought this Gala to its amazing outcome and is truly an inspiration to our students. To our dear students, you brought down the house at the beautiful Brahms-Saal of the Musikverein. They were all shining stars of AMADEUS International School Vienna. An incredible thank you to our guests of honour, Mag. Silvia NOSSEK, Währing district Mayor, and Ms. Renate HOLM, we were delighted to have you share the evening with us.

We look forward to next year and can’t wait to see what the AMADEUS community will achieve next!

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AMADEUS Vienna Gala 2019 at Brahms Saal of the Wiener Musikverein

Photos: Simon Klein