“Untitled” by Koharu Harada

I speak Japanese because I am from Japan. I actually don’t remember my first word but I think it would be strange if a baby would notice that, ‘This is my first word!’ Even my mother doesn’t know, I think. I hope I said “Mama”.

Of course, Japanese is in my dreams. Even when I speak to animals in my dreams, they use Japanese.

I have learned only English. I have never learnt another language. But in Japan they focus on writing and listening. I wanted to learn speaking more. I like English. For me, the person who can speak English clearly, looks very cool. I hope I will use English to communicate. It is important that we can speak English, if you want to speak many people in the world. Not only speaking other languages but also accepting each culture is important to communicate.

Sometimes I couldn’t explain my feelings well in English. But I am trying.

My favourite word is Egu in Japanese. It means kind of “What the hell!” but it can be used for good things. I can’t explain exactly in English so I will write some conversations to explain:

Person A says: “I killed someone.”                                           Person B: “Egu!!!”

Person A says: “I passed the exam”!!!!                                   Person B: “Egu!!!”

Person A says: “Look at that pretty moon!!                          Person B: “Egu!!!!”

We can use “Egu” for all situations…I like Japanese. It has so many variations and I know that Japanese sounds cute for foreign people!

My favourite English word is “like”. “Like” has many meanings. When I feel good about something, I can use “like”. In Japanese, “like” means “shuki” but “shuki” is heavier than “like”. In English, you can use “like” for example “Oh, I like your ….” to someone even if you don’t know the person.  However, if I say “shuki” to someone whom I don’t know, it is so strange. That’s why I like “like” in English. It has a good meaning and it can easily make someone happy.