Art School Programmes at AMADEUS Music and Arts Academy

Drawing can be a precise and time-consuming process which enables students to develop patience, imagination, and creativity. We offer classes in various drawing styles and at different levels ranging from beginner to professional.

Art school in Vienna

Feel free to browse through our detailed descriptions of the different art programmes. With courses for students of all grades (1 through 12), AMADEUS Vienna is your art school in Vienna.

Note: All sessions are 90 minutes, and there are 30 sessions per academic year.

Junior Art Programme

Grades 1-5

This course initiates young children at the primary level into the basic forms of art expression, such as line drawing, the sculptural medium, and painting (tempera, watercolour).

Classes are designed to explore with suitable materials and tools for art-making, as well as to enhance the child’s imagination and develop visual perception through guided, yet playful exercises.

Maximum students per class: 6
Fee per academic year: €1,550 (incl. materials)

Art Foundation

 Grades 6-12

Students taking this course will receive an introduction to various art fundamentals including contour and perspective drawing, design basics, acrylic painting, sculpture, and life-drawing.  The student will acquire the skills to observe, sketch, illustrate and represent visual ideas and design solutions. This course is useful for students interested in pursuing art, art history, archaeology, architecture, 3D design, exhibition design, theatre, and set design, interior design, landscape design, etc.

Maximum students per class: 8
Fee per academic year: €2,790 (incl. materials)


 Grades 6-12

This course aims at providing students with the opportunity to investigate and practice different painting techniques including watercolour, acrylic, and oil.  They will also experiment with various styles in painting history, considering the subject matter, technique and message as a coherent whole, culturally and artistically.

This course gets into a deeper understanding of techniques, but also in the personal inquiries of the student for the successful development of her/his own painting ideas.

Maximum students per class: 8
Fee per academic year: €2,790 (incl. materials)

Fashion Drawing

Grades 6-12

Drawing is the language of fashion. Learning to draw in the world of fashion gives you a huge advantage enabling you to communicate your design ideas more freely and effectively.

Students taking this course will explore drawing styles and techniques in the context of fashion.

It will teach you how to draw fashion figures starting from the basic understanding of the 9- head proportion, body elements, movement, and posture to fashion poses with garments.

This course includes:

Drawing the human figure

Rules of proportions

Drawing a fashion figure

Gesture, movement, and pose


Garment rendering

Fabric movement

Maximum students per class: 8
Fee per academic year: €2,790 (incl. materials)


 Grades 6-12

Animation is an engaging and expressive medium that allows telling stories. Students will learn the basics of animation principles through a brief history of animation, examples, and workshops. The course includes:

A brief history of animation

Presentation of various forms of animation and their understanding (Traditional Animation called Cell Animation, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Stop Motion)

Film language – how to tell a story through visuals, types of narration, shots, composition, timing

Understanding traditional animation drawing techniques by using motion charts

Animation principles such as anticipation, action, reaction, keys and in-betweens, arc movement, stretch, squash, bounding, lifting, pushing, pulling

Learning principles and mechanisms of motion through various walking cycles

Understanding gravity based on examples such as a bouncing ball, bouncing body

Designing a character, creating a character sheet

Creating mood-boards, storyboards, and animatics

Maximum students per class: 8
Fee per academic year: €2,790 (incl. materials)

We welcome the opportunity for prospective students and their families to visit AMADEUS Vienna and learn more about our unique programme and inspiring school environment. Contact our Admissions team to ask your questions or schedule a tour.