The Lonely Badger by Lukas Strohmayer

Once upon a time there was a badger he was called Mr Sparks. He was an old, grumpy, and lonely Badger. He had a baby sister called Matilda and they were both badgers. One day a girl from boarding came by and saw the badger and took a picture of it. She showed it to her boarding sisters then next day she went with her boarding sister there and tried to find him. Suddenly they heard something in the bushes, they turned around and saw Mr Sparks.

Mr Sparks said, “Would you like some tea?”

They ginned at him and said, “Oh yes please!”

When they were inside of his home they saw his little baby sister Matilda. The girl wanted to take a picture but the badger said, “No.”

The girl asked why and the badger said, “It is because nobody is allowed to know our secret.”

“What do you mean by our secret?” asked the girls

The badger said, “There are other animals, speaking animals, in this school; foxes, deer, squirrels, and hedgehogs.”

“Really?” said the girls with delight.

“Oh yes, really.” said Mr. Sparks.



‘The Lonely Badger’ is a story written by Lukas Strohmayer. It is the first of many adventures written by students of Amadeus Vienna about the animals of our beautiful campus.