The AV Talent Show: More Than a Competition

In May, we had our first Online Talent Show, and we are thrilled to see the support from the community! We are also proud to be able to use our talent show to leave our marks on important cases around the world. Read the story to learn how.

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AV Alumni Update from the University of Stirling

According to AV alumna Franziska, some of the best things about the IB diploma is that it makes you aware and prepared to meet new people and new challenges, and gives you the opportunity to study whatever you want. Read more about her IB experience and her current linguistics studies at the University of Stirling.

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Safe Return to School and Boarding – AV’s Rigorous Resumption Plan

At AV we are ready to welcome our students back to school and boarding with a rigorous resumption plan. Click here to read more.

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Special Chairman Scholarship For Talented Musicians and Strong Academics

We are now opening up for two Special Chairman Scholarships to highly talented musicians and academics. Read more about the exceptional scholarships and the candidate profile.

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AV Alumni Update from Northeastern University, USA

We have been in contact with AV alumni Daniel Ilin, who graduated from AV in 2017 and is now studying at one of the leading research universities in the US. Daniel looks back at AV with happiness and explains how the high academic IB level has been a great advantage at university. Read more about his interesting studies where he gets to combine his passion for music and engineering.

AV online: Wiener Bezirksblatt sharing article about AV’s new online learning programme

On 22 April 2020, Bezirksblatt shared an article about the virtual Classroom of AMADEUS International School Vienna. In the article, you can read about how AMADEUS Vienna has adapted to the lockdown and developed new online learning programmes to maintain a high academic level.

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Safeguarding high-performance in Grade 11: How to ensure student success through COVID-19 school closure

At AV we believe that schools and communities that evolve the fastest will be best placed to capture excellence. Read about the success factors that we have used to adapt and develop the new online learning programme for our Grade 11 students.

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AV Alumni Update from York University

AV alumni Parham Badiee is now studying a Bachelor of Arts at York University in Canada. Read about how the IB DP at AMADEUS Vienna provided him with important study tools and helped him prepare for university.

AMADEUS Vienna Receives Council of International Schools (CIS) Recognition

We are pleased to share that we have been granted candidate status for CIS Accreditation. Some of the things that CIS praised us for were our strong sense of community and genuine care for students’ well-being. Read the rest of the highlights in the story.

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Learning about learning online

What does educational distinction look like in the online learning environment at AV? Learn more about how we have developed our schedules based on contemporary educational research.