Amadeus Vienna Choir Exchange 2017 – A day to remember!

Monday 19th June 2017 will surely be a day to remember for the audience who were in Amadeus Vienna to witness the AV Choir Exchange 2017. The event was established with the purpose of promoting the cooperation between international schools, and giving our students the opportunity to share their passion for music with other international students.

The theme for the event was “Sing together, make friends, and enjoy”. Participating schools included the Vienna International School Primary Choir, the British International School Bratislava Girls’ Choir, and the AV Junior Choir. A total of 74 young voices were present to thrill audience to good tunes such as The White Winter Hymnal, Suppercallixaladious, Pachebel’s Canon, Katy Perry’s Roar etc. The event ended with all the choirs coming together to beautifully sing Don’t Let The Music Stop.

Amadeus Vienna would like to congratulate Ms Lidia Campanale for organizing this super successful event. We would also like to thank all participating schools for being a part of this wonderful event.