AMADEUS VIENNA & STEINWAY – Together for Perfection

For centuries coffee culture in Vienna has stimulated creativity. Steinway in Austria and AMADEUS Vienna’s (AV) Music and Arts Academy met for coffee some time back and an inspiring idea was born. An idea to encourage artistic excellence through providing the young, talented students at AV Academy an opportunity to perform on state of the art pianos with a real-world project. Steinway generously commissioned the collaboration with producer and composer, Mr Erwin Kiennast, to support this initiative by composing a piece specifically for the young artists. This composition not only debuted the Spirio model but also provided an exceptional occasion for the students to showcase their talent alongside renowned artists from the past.

In under two months after the receipt of the composition, Prof. Elisabeth Dvorak-Weisshaar, Mr Erwin Kiennast and Mr Mitch Sims worked with three AV Academy musicians (ages 10, 16 and 17) and technical engineers to prepare the 12-minute work for professional performances following a press conference. During this phase of learning, students were challenged to sync the tempo of the performance to video files and preloaded player files which Spirio would play alongside the students. After mastering this technique, the students performed multiple times in the Wiener Konzerthaus for the debut of Spirio (Steinway’s high-definition self-player) to the Austrian community. The team decided that the hard work of the students should be continued and another AV student joined to create a new video celebrating the start of AV’s five-year anniversary.  The debut of this new video material was presented to AV’s community at the annual GALA in February 2017 in Musikverein. This video is available on the AMADEUS MtA YouTube channel.

In a city that fosters creativity, AMADEUS Vienna and Steinway in Austria are committed to artistic excellence and look forward to working together on future projects.

-This article was published in Cercle Diplomatique Winter 2017/18 edition