AMADEUS Gala Concert 2018 at the Musikverein Vienna

Our 5th Annual GALA was a resounding success!!

The response from many who attended was that it was a truly lovely and emotional evening, which showcased our students and guest performers perfectly, from the accomplished to the aspiring.

AMADEUS students and staff worked hard for months preceding the gala to put together an exciting programme. There were well-loved pieces performed, such as Tchaikovsky’s Sugar Plum Fairy, as well as pieces composed by AV students, such as Max Mustafa’s Tango Enero. AV staff also performed alongside students in a 9th century Andalusian traditional song – Lamma Bada. The variety of the programme ensured there was something interesting for each and every guest. One guest said, “It is amazing that the school is so young, and yet has accomplished so much in all areas.”

Dr. Wilson and Karen Goh also welcomed the new AMADEUS Music & Arts Academy ambassadors who will be acting as role models to current students who wish to consider a career path in music, dance or arts. Representing AMAA as ambassadors are Yury Revich, Nikola Djoric and Ljuba Kalmykova and junior ambassador Brendan Goh. Revich, Djoric, Kalmykova and Goh performed together, as well as with AMADEUS students as a part of the GALA programme.

Thank you to everyone who contributed in some way to making the GALA a success. The team spirit was evident in the execution of this event and perfectly illustrated the values of the AMADEUS Vienna community.

We are already looking forward to next years’ gala!

Click here to view photos of the AMADEUS Gala and the Gala Rehearsal.